Air to Air
Plate and Rotary

Plate Heat Exchangers

• Sizes from 8" to 94" & up
• Efficiencies to 85% Sens.
• Air flows to 100,000 CFM+
• Epoxy coating available
• Integrated Face/Bypass Available
• Cross-Flow or Counter-Flow Models
• B-Blue Hydrophilic Coated Models

Rotary Enthalpy Exchangers

• Sizes from 20" to 165" diameter
• Efficiencies to 80% Sens./75% Lat.
• Air flows to 100,000 CFM+
• Heat only or Heat + Humidity
• Salt resistant coatings

High Efficiency Energy Recovery
for Special Applications

Counter-Flow Enthalpy
Membrane Plate Exch.

Vapobloc is a high efficiency, counter-flow, membrane enthalpy plate exchanger. Vapobloc uses a special poly membrane designed to transfer heat and humidity without odors and contaminants.

• Efficient counter-flow
• No moving parts
• Systems to 20,000 CFM+
• Robust construction
• Low freeze temperature
• Clean with detergents

Ultra High Efficiency
Regenerative Exch.

Accubloc is the highest efficiency energy recovery system on the market. Using stationary energy storage banks, the air streams are rotated through the banks to load and unload energy between the air streams.

• Stationary media
• Systems to 60,000 CFM+
• Side-by-side or Over-Under configurations

Indirect Evap Cooling
With Plate HX

Softcool is an indirect evaporative cooling system coupled to an aluminum plate heat exchanger. A special coating on the aluminum plates wicks the water, increasing surface area, enhancing evaporation, and minimizing water waste.

• Efficient evaporation
• Little to no drainage
• Self-cleaning capability
• Systems to 40,000 CFM+

Polypro or PVC
Heat Exchangers

Polybloc PP and PVC heat exchangers are designed for industrial-grade corrosion resistance. Plates are ultrasonically welded for zero leakage. Robust construction with various corrosion resistant framing.

• For Acid and Chemicals
• Sizes from 26" to 70"
• Air flows to 25,000 CFM+
• Temperatures to 200oF
• Ultrasonically welded

Stainless Steel
Heat Exchangers

Polybloc stainless steel heat exchangers are constructed for corrosive and/or high temperature applications. Various sealants are available, including high temperature ceramic. Standard or flanged frames.

• For high Temp./Press.
• Sizes from 26" to 95"
• Air flows to 50,000 CFM+
• Temperatures to 1100oF
• Efficiencies to 80%

Gas-tight Welded
Heat Exchangers

Polybloc welded stainless steel heat exchangers are built for the most demanding applications where absolute zero leakage is required. Ideal for nuclear and chemical applications.

• Welded seams
• 100% gas tight
• Sizes from 10" to 50"
• Air flows to 20,000 CFM+
• Temperatures to 1100oF+


Dampers, Louvers
Mist Eliminators
HVAC Hardware


• Aluminum or Galvanized Steel
• Custom sizes available
• Formed, Extruded, or Airfoil blades
• Gear or lever drives
• Face-Bypass configurations
• Custom housings & sizes

Mist Eliminators

• Prevent rain in air intakes
• Remove mist & droplets
• Air distribution
• Sizes from 15" to 78"
• Integrated filter rack available

HVAC Hardware

• Complete latching systems
• Locking & non-locking handles
• Standard door hinges
• Combination hinges/handles
• Round & square portholes
• Spring door clamps
• Grip handles


Electric Steam Humidifiers
(Electrode or Heater)
(StandardLine & FlexLine)

• Stainless steel electrodes OR
• Incoloy heating elements
• Pressure water feed system
• Mineral grinding drain pump
• Cleanable/Reusable plastic cylinders
• Advanced controls / features
• LCD or Color touchscreen display
• ModBus or BacNet interfaces
• Multiple unit networking
• Process models to +-0.5%RH

Direct Steam Humidifiers

• Stainless steel droplet separators
• Cast iron or stainless steel traps
• Heat traced steam distributors
• Single/multiple steam distributors
• Electronic or pneumatic control
• Short evaporation distances
• No air heating when off
• Capacities: 6 to 1600 lbs/hr
• Steam pressures from 2 to 58 psi

Atomizing Humidifiers

• High evaporative efficiency to 95%
• 3 feet evaporation distance
• Stainless steel mist eliminators
• Certified to VDI 6022 compliance
• Certified for medical facilities
• Precision Stage/Modulation control
• High reliability system monitoring
• Capacities from 40 to 1150 lbs/hr

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